Manhattan KS Plumbing Repair: Things To Avoid Putting In Your Garbage Disposal

The whole point of the garbage disposal is to reduce the amount of food waste that enters your trash. It was designed to grind up small scraps of food so that they could safely enter your wastewater disposal system, whether it’s a septic tank or the municipal waste management system. It’s designed with this (and only this) purpose in mind. Thus, certain materials should not be put down your garbage disposal because they will not be properly disposed of and may clog or otherwise damage your garbage disposal unit. While mistakes can happen, it’s important to avoid such damage whenever possible. That’s why we’ve created this brief guide to help you differentiate the safe from the unsafe materials. For more information, or to schedule a repair service, contact the Manhattan, KS plumbing repair specialists at Standard Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning today!

  • Fibrous foods. Potato skins and banana peels have a lot of starch in them, which can make them difficult to break down by the garbage disposal’s grinding blades. But anything that is stringy, like onions and celery, can also pose challenges to your disposal unit.
  • Bones. While we don’t imagine many homeowners have intentionally tried to stuff bones down their disposal units, even small chicken and fish bones should be composted or thrown in the trash. They can not only clog up the unit, but can also dull the blades and cause damage to the moving parts.
  • Non-organic matter. If you keep in mind that whatever goes through your garbage disposal needs to be organic and therefore biodegradable, then you can easily eliminate a lot of questionable non-organic objects quickly. Also, make sure you don’t accidentally drop cutlery or bottle caps into the garbage disposal.

The manufacturer’s instructions that came with your garbage disposal may contain a list of prohibited substances that you should avoid putting down your unit. These devices can also be dangerous, so make sure to follow any and all safety instructions. For more information, or if you have a clogged or damaged garbage disposal, call the Manhattan, KS plumbing repair specialists at Standard Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning today!

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